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July 7, 2021

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has gathered increasing attention over the past few years. More and more businesses are turning to CBD wholesalers so they can stock CBD-infused gummies, skincare products, vapes, and more. One product that has become more widely available over the years is CBD water wholesale. 

In addition to the increasing number of products that can be customized with CBD, beverages are making their way onto the scene in a big way. So if you’re wondering what goes into CBD water and how it might benefit you, read on! Hopefully, we’ll be able to answer some of your questions on why you should purchase CBD water from us at BulKanna (or anywhere!).

What is CBD Water, and Why Should You Drink It?

CBD-infused beverages are a great way to consume cannabidiol as a daily supplement. Easy to take and effective, CBD beverages offer an exciting new means of cannabinoid delivery.

What Is CBD Water?

Just like the name suggests, CBD water is simply water infused with cannabidiol molecules, often known as nano CBD water or CBD nano water. When you’re looking for a specific dosage of non-psychoactive, non-addicting, and non-toxic CBD, CBD water is an excellent choice for you and your customers. 

The molecules are reduced in the lab to an almost DNA-sized particle to blend into the liquid of your choice smoothly. Nano CBD molecules are one-millionth the size of typical CBD molecules. These nano CBD molecules achieve much more effective results than many other CBD products, as CBD water has nearly twice as much CBD as other alternatives.

Is CBD Water Safe TO Drink?

CBD water is entirely safe for the human body. Drinking CBD water can accelerate the body’s moisture saturation and utilizes optimal water and salt balance to increase the metabolic process and elimination toxins. 

Although CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, it’s not psychoactive and will not get you high as marijuana does. CBD water is produced with the help of nanotechnology and can contain up to 25mg CBD, which is the legal dosage. 

Wondering how much CBD water to drink? It’s a little complicated, as everyone reacts differently. In a nutshell, you’ll want to find the optimal balance of 10-25 mg per day to feel your best. The recommended dosage is 2-10mg of water per kilogram of body weight. Low and slow is best with CBD to test how much you need to feel the best. 

CBD Water Vs. CBD Oil

Many people ask us about the difference between CBD water and CBD oil. There are many differences to consider before buying any product. 

First, the taste is a significant factor. CBD oil is a little greasy and has a specific smell that doesn’t appeal to everyone. Many manufacturers add flavor enhancers to their oil to mask the scent and neutralize the taste. CBD water, though, is tasteless, transparent, and odorless. Many people say it has the same refreshing taste as mineral water, and it tastes great with added fruit. 

Secondly, cannabidiol is typically used as a base for CBD products, including water and oil. The main difference is that hemp-infused oil contains extra naturally occurring cannabidiol and organic chemicals. On the other hand, CBD-infused water contains only pure CBD. 

Another thing our customers ask about is the speed of absorption. CBD water goes straight to the stomach, which grants a faster absorption speed, while water-soluble CBD oil could take hours to absorb into your system. CBD water has more than 90% higher bioavailability than oil.

Why Choose BulKanna For Wholesale CBD Water

There are plenty of benefits that come with water-based CBD products, including they can be clear and flavorless, offer a consistent dose every time, are easy and fast-acting, and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Here are a few reasons to order CBD water wholesale from BulKanna:

Wide Range of Possible Finished Products

There are so many possibilities when it comes to cannabinoid-infused beverages. From energy drinks to coffee and more, you can a variety of niche markets with CBD water and beverages.

Custom Blending and Packaging

Because we utilize homogenizing water-soluble CBD, we can infuse any beverage you want. Each beverage we create is formulated, blended, bottled, and labeled from a Food Safety Certified cGMP facility. For example, you can customize CBD bottled water, coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks, and even tea.

Bulk & Wholesale CBD Water and Beverages

At BulKanna, we offer a wide range of CBD-infused beverages for B2B wholesale and bulk purchase. Reach out to us directly for the most current CBD water wholesale pricing.

Private & White Label Services Available

In addition to offering the best prices, BulKanna can also assist you with white-label, private label, and even contract manufacturing for many types of CBD beverages. We have the following facility and packer certifications:

  • cGMP Certified/Food Safety Certified – All of our CBD water and drinks are Food Safety certified and manufactured using cGMP guidelines (FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices). 
  • FDA Registered
  • Third-Party Tested – All of our hemp oil extracts undergo independent testing to ensure both quality and purity. We are certified free from mold, pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. We can even send you batch COA’s whenever you want them.

Still have questions about CBD water wholesale? Reach out to us to discuss the custom formulation and packaging options for your brand today.