Top Tips For CBD Private Labeling in 2023
March 14, 2022

Gummies have occupied a strange overlap of being candy and vitamins. Adults who grew up eating Flintstones vitamins are more likely to keep the habit, so gummies have become a standard form of delivery for nutritional supplements. Now that CBD has flooded the market in the last few years, CBD gummies were bound to make an appearance as well! 

This guide will answer some of your questions that come with CBD gummies, including what they are, how CBD gummies are made, and the critical information you need to know when it comes to buying them and using them.

Stock Your Shelves With White Label CBD Gummies

Let’s start with some basics first, especially if you’re thinking of stocking your shelves with white-label CBD gummies.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are sweet and chewy candies that have been infused with CBD (cannabidiol). CBD is an extract of the hemp plant, the non-intoxicating breed of cannabis. It won’t get you high like the compound THC will. CBD is actually one of the many naturally occurring compounds in cannabis that interact with your nervous system.

Some CBD gummy manufacturers use CBD isolate for infusion. However, it’s also common to find “full-spectrum” CBD in the formula, including other cannabinoids and nutrients from the cannabis plant that can have beneficial effects. The disadvantage of full-spectrum, though, is that it includes trace amounts of THC. Hemp products legally cannot have more than .3% THC by weight, but even that tiny amount could cause you to fail a drug test. 

At BulKanna, we have several options you can choose from, including Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Broad Spectrum THC Free CBD Distillate, and 99.9% Pure CBD Isolate.

Are CBD Gummies The Same As Hemp Gummies?

CBD gummies and hemp gummies are usually known as the same thing, but it depends on the brand. The different language is typically due to CBD’s complicated legal status. Though the 2018 Farm Bill made CBD legal at the federal level, it makes the clear distinction that it comes from hemp and not marijuana. However, the Food and Drug Administration has never really been keen on CBD edibles due to restrictions on mixing drugs with food.

Since there seems to be a bit of a gray area, many retailers won’t label their ingestible products like CBD, opting instead to name their CBD-infused gummies as “hemp gummies.” That way, people who might be turned off by the idea of using CBD, thinking they contain high doses of THC, can still get the products they’re after.

How Are CBD Gummies Made?

Most CBD gummies are all made the same way, and the process is similar to your favorite jellies. The core ingredients are usually sugar or natural sweeteners, flavorings, and thickeners so that the gummies hold their shape and consistency. Gelatin is the primary thickening agent, but most CBD manufacturers have vegan and halal-friendly options. Next, the sugars, flavorings, and thickeners are combined with additives and colorings to preserve and prolong shelf life. Finally, the core ingredients are melted and poured into silicone molds to get square shapes, bear shapes, and more. 

These are the essential ingredients for every CBD gummy you buy, but many brands will substitute for more natural and holistic ingredients. In addition, CBD isn’t added until a later stage because CBD extract starts to degenerate at high temperatures, so if you added it initially, it could affect the potency and CBD content. 

To get CBD, extraction technicians must detach oily hemp resin from the plant material, typically using solvent extraction or CO2 extraction to get the different types of CBD oil.

Taking CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are a much more delicious way to get CBD into your system than dry capsules or tinctures. They are also much more discrete, as many people are used to consuming vitamin gummies. 

You can easily take CBD gummies with you to work, on your next vacation, or simply on the go. Before a stressful event, an extra CBD gummy can help ease your nerves and keep you calm. Remember, though, when you eat CBD, it takes longer to work its way through your system than a tincture or a hemp cigarette would. So make sure you buffer in an hour or so if you want to feel the effects at a particular time.

Our advice for people taking CBD for the first time is to start with low doses and go slow. We know they’re delicious, but it’s better to gauge how your body reacts, and you don’t want to overdo it. Then, of course, you can always take more once you have a baseline. 

Bulkanna Custom CBD Gummies & Vegan CBD Gummies

At BulKanna, all of our gummy candies are infused with only the finest CBD-rich hemp extracts to ensure even dosing and product dispersion. We offer vegan, gluten-free wholesale, private label, and even bulk CBD gummies. Though we have them ready to go in standard squares, we can mold them into various custom shapes to match your brand and better suit your customer base.

You can also rest assured that each of our full-spectrum CBD gummies contains less than .3% THC content permitted for industrial hemp products under the 2018 Farm Bill. We also offer THC-free formulation options like broad-spectrum THC-free distillate or even isolate for our customers looking for no THC in their products. We take pride in providing a fantastic variety of CBD gummies and customizable options to choose from. Check out all of your options here.

Order Wholesale & Bulk CBD Gummies

BulKanna’s bulk and wholesale gummies are derived from organically grown industrial hemp farmed right here in the United States. We’ve worked hard to become a hemp producer and distributor you can trust, which is why everything we do is in full compliance with legal and federal guidelines. So whether you’re looking to grow your inventory and get the best prices or just getting started building a CBD business, let us help you take advantage of our bulk and wholesale options. 

We offer plenty of options when it comes to customizing your CBD gummies. We’d be happy to hook you up with a bulk shipment with your brand so that you can offer your customers gummies they will love. Reach out to us today, and we’ll talk to you about our bulk or private label options.