January 15, 2022

Are you familiar with CBD and its benefits? Maybe you’re interested in how to incorporate CBD into your everyday life. CBD oil is flexible, has a variety of uses, and is highly affordable. In addition, the possibilities for using it in various products provide you nearly endless opportunities for you and your customers if you have a retail CBD business. 

However, we know that getting started with CBD can feel daunting for those new to the CBD industry. Are you wondering how to use CBD oil? Maybe you’re curious about the correct dosage or the best way to take CBD oil. 

Read on as we cover the basics you need to know — how to use CBD oil, how to administer the correct dosage, and how to tell if it’s working for you.

Your Guide On How To Use CBD Oil

Whether you’re using CBD oil yourself, have a CBD business you’re trying to get off the ground, or are just looking for more information, here’s your guide on how to use CBD oil. 

Determine Your Dosage

Dosage is definitely the product that comes up the most when it comes to learning how to use CBD oil. Newcomers will often ask how much CBD they should take, and it’s essential to be educated about this, as the dosage is critical in how your CBD oil performs.

However, we will point out that CBD is not a one-size-fits-all substance. There is no hard rule when it comes to determining dosage. There are a few factors that go into that include (but are not limited to):

  • Metabolism 
  • Bodyweight 
  • The reason you’re taking CBD oil
  • The method in which you take CBD oil

Simply put, the factors that go into determining the proper dosage of CBD oil really depend on your own unique needs. Because of this, the best way to decipher which dosage is right for you is to consult your physician. They can give you a better estimate on how much to take based on your body chemistry and the reason why you want to start using it. It’s also important to ask them if CBD oil will interact with any other medications you are currently taking.

If you don’t have a doctor, or they can’t give you a recommendation, you can still determine your dosage with CBD oil on your own — just be aware that it might take time and a bit of trial and error. 

The golden rule with any CBD product you’re trying is to start low and go slow. Start with a lower dosage, and then you can work your way up depending on how you feel. Typically, many people recommend starting at 10-25mg per day. That way, you can take inventory of how you feel, and it gives you wiggle room to increase your dosage whenever you need.

Choose A CBD Oil Method

Now that you have a better idea of determining what dosage is right for you, it’s time for the fun part. The right way to take CBD is about your preference and lifestyle. People love CBD oil because it’s incredibly versatile. Probably the easiest way to take CBD oil is to take a couple of drops sublingually, just under the tongue.

Simply place a few drops under your tongue and let them sit in your mouth for about half a minute as it starts to absorb. This is the most straightforward method, but so many other options are available!

Many people also love to add CBD oil to their food or drinks. You can really have fun experimenting with making your own edibles with CBD oil. Add it to nut butter, oils, dairy products, and more!

Still unsure of what method you want to use? Consider when you want to take your CBD on a daily basis. If you plan on taking it at the beginning of the day or before bed, then gummies or tinctures are likely your best bet. However, if you need CBD on the go or at work and don’t want to draw attention to a bottle with a dropper, then adding to your food or drink beforehand might be the way to go.

Keep Note Of How You Feel

Finally, the last thing we want to mention when it comes to using CBD oil is keeping track of how you feel. We recommend keeping a journal or taking notes in an app on your phone while you’re taking CBD oil. Record your dosage, what method you took it, and the time of day. Taking notes will help you determine which method and dose work best for your specific needs.

Though it could seem a little tedious initially, it could make a huge difference in your overall well-being if you know how the long-term effects. Plus, if you’re a CBD business owner, it could help you give better recommendations to your customers. 

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