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January 27, 2021

People who want to dabble in cannabis products for the first time love to try CBD gummies. They are a safe, fast, and effective way of consuming cannabidiol daily. If you’re ready to stock your stores and inventory with custom wholesale CBD gummies, you’ve come to the right place. We offer bulk and wholesale gummies in many different formulations and configurations explicitly designed for B2B purchases. We’ll help you customize your brand with private label support so that you can grow your business. We even have new vegan gummies available. 

If you’re ready to start developing your own line of branded cannabinoid gummies, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some information about why wholesale CBD gummies are so popular, what to expect when you order, and just some general FAQs to help you get started.

Why Our Wholesale CBD Gummies Are So Popular

First, we’ll discuss why you should choose BulKanna, then we’ll lay out all of our formulation possibilities, and finally, we’ll touch on some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why Use BulKanna Custom CBD Gummies & Vegan CBD Gummies

At BulKanna, all of our gummy candies are infused with only the finest CBD rich hemp extracts to ensure the right dosing and product dispersion. At BulKanna, we offer gluten-free wholesale, bulk, and private label CBD gummies in standard squares, but we mold them into other shapes that better suit your brand and your business.

Our full-spectrum CBD gummies contain less than .3% THC, the legal limit for industrial hemp products. However, we also offer THC-free formula options like broad-spectrum THC-free distillate or isolate for our customers who want no THC in their products. 

People choose us at BulKanna because we value strong relationships with both our customers and others in the hemp industry. Each of our products is guaranteed to have only the highest quality standards. We take pride in ensuring every step of the process meets our extremely high expectations, from seed to shelf. Each of our wholesale gummies goes through a rigorous purification process that includes a careful inspection of every single batch. For extra assurance, we send all of our gummies for third-party lab screenings to maintain full transparency. 

Not only do we commit to quality, but we also have a commitment to offering a fantastic variety of customizable options to our customers. Unlike other hemp manufacturers, we have gummies available in many cannabinoids, flavors, and even potency options. 

Formulation Possibilities

Let’s discuss some of our various formulation possibilities when it comes to ordering wholesale CBD gummies. We have variable dosage and potency options for CBD, including 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, and even custom dosage options.

Some of our standard options for gummies are sugar-coated or sugar-free, sour sugar-coated, and various assorted flavors. You can also add different cannabinoids, like CBN, CBG, and CBC. You will also have the option to add multiple vitamins, terpenes, or melatonin to your gummies if you’d like as well. We have vegan options too!

All of our bulk and wholesale gummies are derived from organically grown industrial hemp farmed in the United States in full compliance with legal and federal guidelines. Whether you’re just starting out with CBD or are ready to grow your inventory, get great prices, and take advantage of bulk options for all of your CBD needs.

CBD Gummies Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD Gummies Legal in the USA?

All hemp-derived products with less than 0.3 percent THC are federally legal under the 2018 US Farm Bill, including our wholesale CBD gummies. All goods sold by us here at BulKanna are legal to ship anywhere in the United States. However, we should note that some states have different standards regarding the sale, cultivation, and extraction of hemp. Make sure you check your local laws before ordering. 

Some states restrict gummies’ shapes so that they can’t be confused with candy, gummy bears, for example. The standard gummy here at BulKanna is stamped with “CBD,” so it cannot be confused with anything else.

What Quality Should I Look For In Manufacturing Cbd Gummies?

CBD gummies are made in two ways, either infused with or sprayed with cannabinoids like CBD. Though the spray method is quick and easy to manufacture, this is typically the inferior method as there tends to be a fast degradation of CBD. Infused gummies are a better indication of quality manufacturing. If you have questions about the quality or how CBD gummies are made, reach out to us, and let’s discuss all of your options.

What Effects Should I Expect With CBD Gummies?

Everyone has a different reaction to CBD, but most describe their experience to be relaxing. Typically, gummies have a milder effect than hemp flowers or tinctures. However, unlike THC edibles, our wholesale CBD gummies contain the non-psychoactive compound CBD, which means that it will not get you high. At Bulkanna, we only work with hemp plants that are naturally low in THC content compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. 

When Should I Take CBD Gummies?

There is never really a right or wrong time to take a CBD; it’s not a way to get high. It’s about your personal preference. Many of our clients like to market them as an AM formula, taking them in the morning as a part of their routine. We also formulate and private label many of our business client’s gummies for a way to unwind for bedtime. Everyone absorbs CBD differently, so start with the minimum dose and slowly test your body’s reaction to CBD.

Is Bulkanna Able To Manufacture Customized CBD Gummies?

Absolutely! We offer a large variety of gummies that consist of standard gelatin, vegan, sour coated, sugar-coated, and various mixed flavors. Bring your ideas to us and let our product formulation team help make your vision a reality. There are so many possibilities for your wholesale CBD gummies, including CBN, CBG, CBC, melatonin, and vitamins. 

Ready To Order? We Can Help

Ready to order wholesale CBD gummies? Give us a call or reach out to us today to discuss all the possibilities for your custom gummies for you and your business. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to get them in bulk or private label and make sure you get all the products you need.