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Wholesale CBD flower for sale from Bulkanna! Sourced from 100% of our CBD rich hemp plants are grown in the USA, typically using organic practices, on registered domestic farms in full compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. Contact us today for more information about our bulk premium hemp flower pricing, current strain availability, as well as how to buy bulk CBD rich hemp biomass ready for extraction directly from Bulkanna!

Bulkanna Wholesale CBD Flower

High CBD Hemp Flower

Bulkanna premium CBD hemp flowers are grown from select hemp cultivars, carefully harvested by hand, hand-trimmed or mechanically shucked, and finally presented free of the stems, stalks, and seed.

Uses for CBD Flower

High CBD hemp flowers may be used as a base for extraction for further refinement into concentrated extracts such as: high-CBD crude oil, winterized crude oil, full spectrum CBD oilbroad spectrum CBD distillateCBD isolate as well as other cannabinoid isolates such as CBCCBG and CBN.

Our wholesale trimmed CBD flower may also be used for creating popular natural CBD teas as well as being suitable for use in the rapidly growing hemp cigarette and smokeable flower niches.

bulk industrial hemp flower
High CBD Hemp Flowers

Bulkanna Hemp Flowers

Bulkanna industrial hemp flowers are farmed to organic standards in the United States and certified free from pesticides, heavy metals, and mold. Our unique high CBD genetics are suitable for manufacturing into the highest quality finished products and extracts. Visit our hemp farm page here for a look at some of our various crops and flowers in the field from 2019.

Know your State’s Guidelines for Selling CBD Flower

Know your State! Before ordering any CBD Flower, be sure to research the laws of the State(s) you’re selling. You’ll want to know if it is a Total THC (.3% Total THC) or a Delta 9 State (Delta 9 THC must be at .3%).

Wholesale CBD Flower For Sale – Winter 2019-20

Our CBD flower availability is subject to change based upon supply and demand as well as time of year. The following strains of hemp buds are currently available for Winter 2019-20. Minimum order quantity on our bulk CBD flower is 25 lbs. Price varies per strain, quantity, organic certifications, and CBD percentage. Strains available in Delta 9 and Total THC compliant.

  • Abacus
  • Berry Blossom
  • Blue Genius
  • Bubba Kush
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Cherry Wine
  • Electra
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Lifter
  • Purple Gas
  • Siskiyou Gold
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Special Sauce
  • Suver Haze
  • Wave
  • The Wife
  • Frosted Lime
  • Trump (T1

We offer our bulk premium smokable hemp flowers in various states of trim.

  • Hand Trimmed – Highest quality, tightest trim
  • Machine Trimmed – Efficient and solid quality trim
  • Shucked/Bucked – First pass trim, will have short leaf stems
  • Shake – Leftover small buds and leaf from trimming process

*Note – Not all of our hemp flowers are available for sale in each level of trim, please contact us for current availability.

Hemp Biomass

What Is Hemp Biomass?

Hemp biomass refers to the flowers or buds—and sometimes other vegetative matter— harvested from certified industrial hemp plants. Depending upon how the hemp is harvested and trimmed, as well as its intended end use, biomass can include whole plant material including stem, stalk, flower, leaf and seed.

Types Of Hemp Biomass And Uses

Hemp biomass is typically sold in bulk quantities and may or may not include seeds. Hemp biomass can be produced from feminized seedless crops or non-feminized crops.

Cannabinoid rich CBD hemp biomass is commonly utilized for the purposes of bulk oil extraction and is generally derived from a flower based premium biomass whereas fiber based hemp biomass is typically derived from portions of the plant such as the stalks that are less suitable for oil extraction.

Fiber based hemp biomass can be utilized in a variety of industrial applications such as textiles, graphene, hempcrete or even used as fuel. Bulkanna offers a pelletized biomass of this nature for sale suitable for use as fuel or feed.

We consider both the concentration and cannabinoid ratios (the full profile) when determining what biomass from which to purchase, resell, and extract from.The hemp biomass for sale at Bulkanna has been thoroughly vetted and tested by third party laboratories to ensure both purity and potency.

CBD Flower Wholesale Supplier

Bulkanna USA high CBD hemp flower and biomass is available for B2B bulk and wholesale purchase. Contact us directly via the form button below for further details on our wholesale CBD flower prices today!

*Minimum order quantity on bulk hemp biomass: 1,000lbs

*Minimum order quantity on bulk CBD flower: 25lbs

Farm Bill Compliant, Hemp Handler Certified

BulKanna bulk & wholesale CBD hemp flowers are 2018 Farm Bill compliant, hemp handler certified and sourced from organically farmed, certified industrial hemp grown in the United States.

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