Why BulKanna White Label CBD Tinctures & Drops?

Here at BulKanna, our team has formulated products for some of the top brands in the CBD and hemp industry. Our top-quality CBD white-label products can be uniquely formulated to match your brand and vision.
Depending on the desired effect, we can create a range of specific CBD tinctures and drop blends for clients. These include adaptogenic, ayurvedic, menstrual support, AM/PM, animal-specific, and sleep aid purposes.
Our private and white-label brand support services will bring your unique CBD concoction to life while accurately positioning your brand in the marketplace. Contact us today to discuss creating your own special line of sublingual CBD drops and sprays.

Custom Formulations Available

The BulKanna team have formulated products for some of the top brands in the CBD and hemp industry and we can offer you services to help create unique formulations that will help position your brand competitively in the marketplace.

Some examples of modality based (targeted effect) formulations that we have created for other clients:

  • Adaptogenic
  • AM Formula
  • Animal Formulas
  • Ayurvedic
  • Calming
  • Cellular Health
  • Feminine Formulas
  • Menstrual Support
  • PM Formula
  • Sleep Aid

Product Benefits:


  • Faster absorption than edibles
  • Versatile and efficient
  • Dropper or atomized spray bottle for easy, accurate dosage
  • Custom formations with terpenes, flavorings, herbal extracts, and healthy oils
  • Wide range of concentrations
  • Human and pet safe
  • Broad and full spectrum
  • Zero-THC isolate options